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Английский в медицине. Составление диалогического высказывания по теме: «На приеме у врача»

11 дек 2022, 22:08
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Самостоятельное освоение умений по теме: Составление диалогического высказывания по теме: «На приеме у врача».

Задание. Изучите лексику. Перепишите в словарь. 
Прочтите и переведите диалоги                                                            
«Боль в суставах»
Patient: Good morning. Doctor Smith?
Doctor: Yes, please come in.
Patient: Thank you. My name is Doug Anders.
Doctor: What have you come in for today Mr. Anders?
Patient: I’ve been having some pain in my joints, especially the knees.
Doctor: How long have you been having the pain?
Patient: I’d say it started three or four months ago. It’s been getting worse recently.
Doctor: Are you having any other problems like weakness, fatigue or headaches?
Patient: Well I’ve certainly felt under the weather.
Doctor: Right. How much physical activity do you get? Do you play any sports?
Patient: Some. I like to play tennis about once a week. I take my dog on a walk every morning.
Doctor: OK. Let’s have a look. Can you point to the area where you are having pain?
Patient: It hurts right here.
Doctor: Please stand up and put weight on your knees. Does this hurt? How about this?
Patient: Ouch!
Doctor: It seems you have some inflammation in your knees. However, there’s nothing broken.
Patient: That’s a relief!
Doctor: Just take some ibuprofen or aspirin and the swelling should go down. You’ll feel better after that.
Patient: Thank you!
MR. KAPOOR: Good morning, Dr. Sharma!
DR. SHARMA: Good morning! What’s wrong with you?
MR. KAPOOR: I have been suffering from fever since yesterday.
DR. SHARMA: Do you have any other symptoms?
MR. KAPOOR: I also feel headache and shivering.
DR. SHARMA: Let me take your temperature. At this time the fever is 102 degree. Don’t worry, there is nothing serious. I am giving you the medicine, and you will be all right in couple of days.
MR. KAPOOR: Thank you, doctor.
DR. SHARMA: But get your blood tested for malaria, and come with the report tomorrow.
MR. KAPOOR: OK doctor.
DR. SHARMA: I shall recommend at least two days rest for you.
MR. KAPOOR: Would you prepare a medical certificate for me to submit it in my office?
DR. SHARMA: Oh sure. This is your medical certificate.
MR. KAPOOR: Thank you very much. Please tell me how shall I take this medicine?
DR. SHARMA: This medicine is for one day only. Take this dose as soon as you reach your home and the second at 3 pm and the third at night before sleeping.
MR. KAPOOR: What should I eat doctor?
DR. SHARMA: You should eat only light food. You can take milk and fresh fruit also.
MR. KAPOOR: How much shall I pay you doctor?
DR. SHARMA: You can pay consultation fee at the reception desk.
MR. KAPOOR:  Thanks doctor.
DR. SHARMA: It’s all right.
MR. KAPOOR: Thank you doctor. I shall see you tomorrow with my blood report.
Составьте свой диалог по теме «На приеме у врача», используя изученную лексику.
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